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CYCTRAC EM10 Battery Maintenance

The CYCTRAC EM10 battery is an excellent battery:
SAMSUNG 21700 Li-ion 720Wh, 48V15A
It can easily do 1000 recharge cycles.
For this, it is better to take certain precautions:

The battery, (like all Lithium ion batteries) should be stored in a
temperate place between 5 and 25°C. Extreme temperatures do not damage the battery, but be aware that below 5°C, its performance can in some cases be significantly reduced.

The best battery life is ensured when used regularly. Not using the bike for a long time is one of the main reasons for battery failure.

The more you use the bike and therefore its battery, the more regularly it recharges and the longer its lifespan compared to an inactive battery.

In case you won't use it for more than two months, it should be left stored between 30% and 60% charge. It will also need to be charged for 30 minutes every month or so.

General rule to know:

If you have an 8Ah (amp/hour) battery, to know how many Ah it takes to charge it 30% > 8/0.3 = 2.4Ah
A charger charges a battery at 2 amps per hour, if it takes 2.4Ah to get 30% charge then you will need about 1h30 to recharge it to 30%.

Never forget your battery on the bike when not in use because the electronic controller, the brain of the electric bike, always consumes a little energy and therefore discharges the battery.

In the case of a purchase of a new battery, the one that will be delivered will be of recent manufacture and will not have been stored for months, because the longer the storage period, the more its energy potential is altered.

Attention ! Never leave it plugged into the charger after a full charge, this strains the battery unnecessarily.

The electric bicycle battery has a service life of several years. When the battery can start to show signs of losing power and with an equal trip you realize that the capacity is going down faster, this is a sign that it is starting to falter and will eventually not charge anymore at all.

New battery SAMSUNG 21700 Li-ion 720Wh, 48V15A
300 USD
for EM10 + Shipping/taxes/customs fees, around 135 USD
Delivery time: 18-22 days

Consider recycling the battery by donating it to your favorite cycle shop, or even reselling it. It will be able to find a new life, certainly less efficient, but still able to render services.


chain / chainring / cassette / maintenance

TiCN > titanium carbonitride is a coating with a complex multilayer structure.
the chain's durability and smoothness come from a 4-step treatment with a final layer of TiCN

To ensure excellent durability / longevity of your entire training system, the following recommendations should be followed because such an all-terrain electric bike is likely to be heavily used, especially during relaunch or to attack steep hills, ride on terrain dusty and abrasive:

First precaution to maintain your system:
regular cleaning and oiling, to be adjusted according to the terrain: to drive on a good non-dusty road surface, you can oil more than on sandy or dusty ground, because the paste that forms between oil and dust can be very abrasive . On this type of terrain, it is better to clean well before and drive with little oil, or even very little, so that the dust does not agglomerate there.

Second precaution, order 2 or even 3 spare chains with the bike.
Each chain is worth 15 USD, on the other hand, the price of transport / taxes / customs costs amounts to 30 USD if the chain(s) are ordered after the bike.
This is why we advise you to order 2 more chains when ordering the bike, to save shipping costs / taxes / customs clearance

Use of the 3 chains:
___ Do 500 km with a chain, then change it and keep it preciously
___ Do 500km again with the 2nd chain and keep it after changing
___ Do 500km again with the 3rd chain - change / keep it
Then return to the 1st chain after 1500km and continue with the 2nd after 500km, and so on with the 3rd...
This strategy makes it possible to adapt the progressive wear of the sprockets of the cassette and the chainring to that of the chains. You will keep your set much longer without any problem.
Indeed, despite the quality of the steel, the sprockets of 12-speed cassettes are necessarily thinner than older sprockets.
The force constraints on the teeth generate a stretching and progressive wear of the chain which should be distributed over several chains
The SUNSHINE-12S, 11-50T cassette of the CYCTRAC EM10 will wear much better, you will avoid cracking and your chains will stay in good condition much longer, ensuring much better synchronization of wear than with a single chain.

Price of a SUMC 12S chain:
15 USD + 30 USD postage / taxes / customs clearance

5 SUMC channels

You can choose 3 different ones which will allow you to easily identify
__ chain 1 (500 km)
__ chain 2 (500km)
__ chain 3 (500km)

SUMC chains are identical to the famous KMC chains.
Multi-layer treatment
TiCN: Titanium carbonitride provides incomparable hardness without making the chain brittle and fragile.
On the contrary, it brings softness and fluidity to pedaling

BAFANG M600 engine maintenance
of the CYCTRAC EM 10

BAFANG M600 Engine Torque Sensor Replacement

Price of a torque sensor for M600 between 80 € and 90 €
It is on the 2 ISIS fittings that the cranks are integrated.

- on the left: new torque sensor ready to reinstall in the motor body.
- on the right: position of the torque sensor in the engine block before replacement.

- Above:: verification of the serial numbers of the 2 torque sensors, to be sure.
- Below: crown bearings

- on the left: crown block refitted in the notches on the new torque sensor
- on the right: engine cover put back in place before screwing to the correct tightening torque at 5 Nm per newton meter and screwing the other side of the engine

- Above:installation of the gasket
- Below: reconnection of the terminals of the cover containing the electronics: the controller.
(Be careful to reconnect the correct white terminal, because there are two).

- replacement and reassembly of the electronic controller on the engine block

- Above: "BESST tool" tool for controlling engine parameters with the codes to request from Bafang, among other tests, it contains in particular a torque sensor control test which works very well.
- Below: the hand tool is inserted between the computer display and the motor.
This control action requires a reset.

Bafang VAE diagnostic tool with BESST central motorization M 600
(and M300 - M400 - M420 - M500 - M620 - M800)

Price: around 40E

Engine block controller
Bafang M600
- Inner face on the left
- External face on the right

Price: 110€ / 120€

Important tips for any eMTB / e-MTB user

Never return the bike for cleaning or other:
the remains of water, mud, or dirt which are evacuated naturally by gravity coming out through one or more holes at the bottom of the frame of the bike would then enter the engine block, the battery and would certainly damage the electrical parts!!

Never leave the battery flat after a raid/exit
Let it cool for about 30 minutes then recharge it.

Never charge the battery for too long
Self-discharging the battery will cause it to heat up unnecessarily and wear it out.
A timer can be useful to recharge it just enough, at night for example

Monitor & Change your chain regularly
See chain section above. The Park Tool or another brand can be used to check the wear and stretching of the chain: at a value of 0.5 it is time to change the chain.
At 0.7 it is mandatory to change it urgently before using the bike so as not to damage the parts concerned by the action of the chain, if you don't want to blow it all up!

Do not go on a raid or outing without warning
It is better to indicate what you intend to do: place, route, duration, so that in the event of a problem your position can allow the o to come to your aid. Your fully charged phone will also always be very useful.

Never leave without repair kit/new inner tube/Muti tool
Avoid switching back from a high assistance mode to the eco mode
Better to do the opposite on the flat, to have the feeling of help only when you need it, you will save your battery a lot

Never work on the bike with the engine in the ON position
Whether to put the chain back in place, remove a stuck branch or other, adjust the derailleur etc...

Never ignore an error code on your meter panel
It may be a temporary bug, but it may also come back and block you at the most inopportune moment. Consult your bike's manual to find out what may have happened.

Never neglect food: drink and food
Food cravings can occur without warning and if you run out of battery, you could bite your fingers for not having brought food with you if you are in the middle of nature.

Do not share your Strava or other app from home
Do it while already on the way, this will prevent ill-intentioned people from coming to steal your bike from your home after having recovered a geolocation trace.

Do not neglect to check the pads of your brake calipers
- If you remove the wheel, immediately insert a thickness (slightly greater than that of the disc) to prevent the jaws from sticking together, because it is always very difficult to bring the jaws back, especially to take them off, especially when the bike stood still without the wheel.
- Regularly check the wear of the pads. Never brake metal against metal, ie empty jaws! forbidden ! the side lugs that hold them could rub against the disc, if the pads are already too worn, causing serious damage to the disc and becoming a source of real danger.
We advise you to change them before they are level with these lugs.
Never leave the pads on the bike when they are no more than 1 mm thick.
- Drain the hydraulic fluid every year.
When changing the pads, do a reset by pushing the pistons back to remove any air bubbles and add a little brake fluid if necessary via the small screw provided for this purpose, located near the lever in order to find a immediate contact of the pads on the disc and obtain consistent braking.
Having reliable braking on an e-MTB is essential
- also check the disc, which however wears much less than the pads.
- the perfect recentering of the disc between the pads can be carried out regularly and simply with an allen key, especially if you hear an abnormal noise, which is a sign that something is not right, usually it is a centering defect , but it can also be gravel or other warping of the disc, or even a material problem following a shock causing the caliper to lose alignment with the disc.

Cyctrac EM10 RETROSPEC braking systems are very reliable:
RS- LD400, Alu Alloy CNC, 4-piston hydraulic disc, with ceramic heat sink, 203/203 mm

You can maintain your bike yourself on most points

In case you stall on the replacement of wear parts or electrical parts, contact a bicycle dealer, he will know how to do it. There are good ones and there are others..., be sure to choose the first ones
this is the best way to ensure a long life for your CYCTRAC EM 10 and to ride in complete safety

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