may 22, 2023
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Ideal bike e-MTB 2023


2 powerful full-suspension versions
500W - 120Nm torque - 25 / 45 km/h
Battery 720Ah - 130 / 150km / pedal assist

Cadre Carbone haut module T800
Fast travel / Ballads / Hikes / Hard Tail / Trail / All mountain

"LIGHT" Version 23kg
instead of 5029 USD (4486 Euros)

2547 $


"HiGH" Version 24,5kg
instead of 5863 USD (5230 €uros)

Mai 2023: Unbeatable price for these high end specs

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Advice - Maintenance

Battery precautions

About prices

The prices of the CYCTRAC EM10 e-MTB Bike
offered by in may 2023 are the most advantageous on the market. 2495 Euros instead of 5330 Euros: public price of the optimum full-suspension High version 24.5kg.
This kind of high-end bike can be sold between 8000€ and 10200E in stores in Europe.
Light version 23kg: 2330 Euros instead of 4486E

For your information
Look below the price of the same bike ! / motor M600 ( not M510 ). The version with M510 motor is 5104 E

These prices guarantee:
The quality and reliability of high-end components.
Theveracity and accuracy of the elements of the bicycle: Frame and components.
The certification of non-decommissioning of components.
The full inclusion of shipping costs and customs taxes in the price
The perfect shipping security: sturdy wooden box
The level of warranty the bike offers from the factory
Des prix de pièces de remplacement à des prix très accessibles, après longue utilisation du vélo

Beware of any tempting offers from secondary factories at prices that would be even lower than those presented here. This will save you from very unpleasant surprises, there is necessarily an eel in the rock: no transport price, taxes, customs fees included / downgraded components different from those announced / poor reliability / no guarantee or maintenance solutions.

Conversely, many famous brands are making huge gains just by branding themselves, presenting bikes that are nothing better than the CYCTRAC EM10, or even less efficient, but at prices doubled or tripled.

The prices of branded light bikes can even reach 15 to 16000€. It is essentially the weight gain of 7 to 8 kg that is then very expensive, for less autonomy, not more power than the CYCTRAK EM10 and components similar to this ideal eMTB selected by

Full presentation of "CYCTRAC EM10"
Tests / Comments / Videos
to be continued

IDEAL bike 2023 e MTB


PRICE VELOIDEAL "HIGH" version: taille M

2727 USD = 2495 Euros
Delivery & customs clearance included

Fork: ROCKSHOX-RECON, Air suspension, 150mm, Manual, Thru-axle 15*110 Boost
Seatpost: KS adjustable lifting with hydraulic, Remote, 31.6**395*125mm

PRICE VELOIDEAL "LIGHT" version: taille M

2547 USD = 2330 Euros
Delivery & customs clearance included

Fork: RS, MgAl alloy, Air suspension, 150mm, Manual, Thru-axle 15* 110 boost
Seatpost: RS, Alu alloy, Matte, 31,6 x 350mmm


Bike Model
EM10 carbon fiber electric mountain bike emtb bicycle
Conf Rev
M600+48V15A, HIGH version - LIGHT version
Frame Size
Bike Color
DarkGreen / DarkGrayBlack / RedBlack / BlueBlack / HolographicBlack > Version of VELOIDEAL e MTB 2023
Net Weight
HIGH version 24.5kg - LIGHT version 23kg
CYCTRAC, EM10, AM, High modulus Carbon fiber T800 ,Inner cables,Thru-axle12*148 Boost,140mm Travel, DNM rear shox200*55, Gloss+UV laser decals
Handelbar Sets
RS, Alu alloy, Matte, Handlebar 31.8×720,Stem 80, Clamps 34.9mm


KS adjustable lifting with hydraulic, Remote, 31.6**395*125mm > HIGH version

RS, Alu alloy, Matte, 31,6 x 350mmm > LIGHT version


ROCKSHOX-RECON, Air suspension, 150mm, Manual, Thru-axle 15*110 Boost > HIGH version

RS, MgAl alloy, Air suspension, 150mm, Manual, Thru-axle 15* 110 boost > LIGHT version

Head Sets

Alu alloy CNC with sealed Bearings 52*52mm
Derailleur Lever
Rear Derailleur
Matching with Mid Motor, 38T
RS-LD400, Alu alloy CNC, 4-piston hydraulic disc, with Ceramic heat sink, 203/203mm
RS, Alu alloy,4-sealed Bearings,Slotted,Disc,32Holes,Thru-axle F15×110_R12×148mm Boost
RS, Alu alloy with Double-wall&Rivets, W24×H19mm
SHUNJIU, Circular 14G
MAXXIS, CROSSMARK, 29/27.5×2.25"
Circular 22.2×120mm, PU leather&locking Ring
RS, Comfortable and Thickened for MTB
RS, Alu alloy CNC with Bearings for MTB
Motor System
Bafang Mid, M600, Mid, 48V500W
Max Torque
120 N.m (Peak 140N.m)
Speed Limit
25KMh (max 45KMh)
Pedal Sensor
Samsung 21700 Li-ion 720Wh, 48V15A
130-150KM (pedal assist)
Charging Time
8-9 Hours
2A, DC2.1
Bafang, LCD digital, 0-5 Modes
Max Load
150 KG

Frame warranty: 5 years - electrical system: 1 year

In April / May 2023, size M is the only one available > 1.65m / 1.78m cyclists

Choice of: 27.5 or 29 wheels

BAFANG Motor M600 48V 500W

Why the choice of e-MTB CYCTRAC EM10

Economic reason:

In 2023, with the war in Ukraine, rampant inflation, the energy crisis, the need for savings in households, the need for economic travel to go to work or any other reason, the costs of car travel , the search for fulfillment "in the great outdoors" after two years of covid and partial confinement, populations are turning to bicycle solutions that are not overpriced while combining several advantages when choosing a bicycle, but at the fact ... which one?

Riding a bike, but for what use?

Electric City Bike,
ok, but it will practically only be usable in town to go to work for example, short urban trips.

___ Electric folding bike or not,
These bikes are practical in certain particular cases, but really not versatile, fragile, inefficient.

___ Light road muscle bike,

ok, but you can only ride on the road. Go to work with ... and arrive in a sweat to get down to a meeting right away, hello! This type of bike is undeniably linked to sport, however light the bike.

___ Gravel muscle bike or VTC,
Riding a Gravel bike is almost like riding a road bike, with more trails. Intended for sporting ballads, it is similar to cyclocross bikes. Only partial versatility

___ Lightweight sporty muscle carbon mountain bike,
ok, go anywhere! but it's the same: going to work or getting loose in the mountains or on difficult or long routes, it's not always easy to stay motivated for regular practice! Quite good versatility: rather sporty

___ High-end ultralight VTTAE type electric bike
for sporty downhill made for jumps and rough routes, rather than for long distances which are, as we see, linked to the weight of the battery, an essential parameter, which is therefore not yet quite the case for weights bike from 15kg to 18kg.
Admittedly, this type of bike is easier to handle when it comes to carrying it, but expensive, very expensive, very very expensive > from €10,000 to €15 or €16,000! Good versatility but at what price!

Bike for "DO EVERYTHING" at a reduced price.
It is this VERSATILE bike that is favored by VELOIDEAL.COM

With this bike everything is possible:
With this bike everything is possible:
sport - exercise - everyday use - utility use - ballad - hike - all mountain - hard tail - trail - - city - vacation - long journeys - speed - night outings - comfort - change of position - intended for all ages - men / women / teens - enduro (or to a certain extent)
excluded for the durability of the bike: Super enduro / North shore / Bike parks

It is energizing because it allows you to explore new spaces that people did not usually think of because they are too difficult to access by non-electric bicycle, car, motorbike and even on foot!
It is the bike that can best and sustainably be practiced as a couple, with friends, with the family.
This kind of electrically assisted bicycle has a bright future as a means of transport.
We therefore had to think carefully about the crucial subject of precisely defining which bike best meets the needs for versatility.

This type of bike is an e-MTB.
It is he who is most likely to develop because he combines many valuable advantages, both individually and thinking of the needs of a society that takes itself in hand: for health, wallet, life together via leisure time spent cycling, ecological awareness, the regenerating discovery of majestic places, new open-air spaces, such as those in the mountains. unexplored wilderness, cycling at all ages
Thanks to the e-MTB bike, oxygenation and mental regeneration are now easier and accessible to everyone. Why deprive yourself of its benefits!
In the era of the development of screens, the regular increase in stress and overwork, remote work on computers, the progressive artificialization of reality, the e-MTB as has selected it, offers the means to largely compensate for these negative health effects!
From then on, what better way to reinvigorate yourself from all points of view than... the BIKE!

So here's the type of e-bike chosen: it's a versatile full-suspension e-MTB

It's a bike that allows you to climb any hill, whether in sumptuous landscapes or in town - to take rural or urban shortcuts to go to work or for other reasons, without arriving sore, tired or less operational. at his place of work.
Indeed, the most permanent practice for all of us is that of "going to work"! especially with the lengthening of the working time before retirement, which is getting longer in almost all countries!
Nothing prevents adding to the bike: Light, mudguards, even light luggage rack, they are completely compatible with this type of bike - the alternation of "sport" or "comfort" position is made possible by the adjustment snapshot of the dropper post.
It is, in our opinion, this type of bicycle which is called upon to develop the most in the near future, thanks to its versatility.

An e-MTB electric bike used with pleasure and good regularity must be::
___ Powerful enough to swallow hills without fatigue > 500W and have torque > 120Nm
___ Fast enough 45kmh, especially to go to work without excessive loss of time or risk of being gradually neglected for this reason, which is the case for some who are not satisfied with driving at 20 or 25kmh in the countryside
___ Autonomous enough to cover long distances, good 720Ah battery
___ Comfortable on rough terrain, whatever it is
___ Durable, reliable and strong
___ Practical > for example allowing the installation of a side bottle cage, passage of the legs, battery charging...
___ Light enough to carry, without being obsessed with the weight of a bike that is very well endowed in power, torque efficiency and battery life. 23kg or 24.5kg is very correct.
___ And finally: COST A MORE THAN REASONABLE PRICE, which is the case of the CYCTRAK EM 10 e-MTB bike.
All other bikes with identical specifications are indeed more expensive by 1000 to 1800 Euros and more for most brands...

We have scoured the jungle of proposals for these types of bikes for months and have found nothing better in terms of performance, versatility and reliability than this e-MTB CYCTRAK EM 10, which is, icing on the cake, one of most aesthetic in the world market.
This CYCTRAK EM10 e-MTB bike is suitable for receiving state and regional subsidies of €400 + €200 (limit 25 km/h)

Bonus- Bike / Eco-mobility:
Limited to 25kmh, the EM10 benefits from a subsidy from the French government "BONUS VELO" of 400 Euros + subsidy of 200 Euros from the Regions compatible with the Bonus Vélo bonus from the French government: i.e. 600 Euros
In France, these subsidies can even be increased by an additional subsidy when proof is provided that the bicycle replaces his old car.

Urban bike storage/parking
Cars can sleep outside, apart from the parking problem. This is not the case with bicycles, which must be stored under cover. In the countryside, this is never a problem, because everyone has a place to store it.
In urban areas, it is more difficult, everyone must find their own solution.
In the long term, cities, property developers and architects will no doubt have to look into the issue in order to make it easier for everyone to store bicycles in homes, through individual or collective solutions that are perfectly secure in buildings.
This question is becoming a subject of society, it remains a blocking point for people ready to take the plunge into locomotion by bicycle but who come up against this problem of storing their bicycle.

Which Wheels 27.5 or 29?
The 27.5 wheels will be more responsive on start-up and on severe short climbs, and also more maneuverable.
depending on the inner tube / tire used, the behavior varies quite significantly.
___ For a size M bike equipped with 27.5" wheels and 2.6" inner tube and another equipped with 29" wheels and 2.2" inner tube, the weight difference is reduced .
___ In terms of circumference, a 27.5"+ wheel with a 3.25" tire is almost the same diameter as a 29" wheel with a 2.35" tire
The 29 wheels roll faster on the flat or launched due to the larger flywheel than the 27.5 wheel
The greater the surface of contact with the ground: footprint on the ground, the greater the comfort but the greater the resistive torque is important and absorbs energy which therefore requires greater effort.
The inflation more or less important according to what one seeks: comfort or reactivity applies as much to the wheel of 29 as to the wheel of 27.5. It is most often a question of finding the right compromise, (including along the way)

We tend to prefer 29er wheels with 2.2" or 2.6" tires which are more in line with the characteristics of a fast all-around bike that is also less draining in terms of battery life.
Those who want to prioritize comfort, maneuverability on difficult paths and superior traction on steep slopes will opt for 27.5 wheels.

Behavior of the e-MTB CYCTRAK EM 10 - Comments to be published soon with videos and photos

___ Toray T 800 and T 1000 carbon frame (fibre used in aeronautics) on parts to be reinforced > socket, box, etc.
___ Size guide - IMPORTANT: April / May 2023, size M is the only one available - choice of 27.5 or 29 wheels
___ Frame geometry
___ EM 10 red color
___ EM 10 Holographic Brilliant Prussian Blue
___ EM 10 other colors: gray / prussian blue / light turquoise / pine green
___ Disc brakes
___ Details Show
___ Rear hydraulic suspension - Bafang M 600 motor - Samsung 720 Wh battery - simple LCD screen
___ EM10 carbon hydrolic suspension
___ Hydrolic adjustable seat post
___ Bafang meter

___ Handle bar and Throttle
___ Bike steering controls
___ Bike EM 10 carbon frame grey color

Battery of the CYCTRAC EM10 is an excellent one
SAMSUNG 21700 Li-ion 720Wh, 48V15A

Model/Name TanLuZhe B - Battery Pack
Applicable bike modelsEM10
Mounting typeFull hidden in Frame down tube
Removing&Lock Down-takenDouble Lock
Battery Spec Samsung 21700 Li-ion 42 cells
Voltage Scope 36V=27.5-42V48V=36-54.6V
Charging time 8-9 hours (2ADC2.1)
Tests&Certification CE UN38.3
Weightabout 3.9KG

Replacement battery price : 300 USD





for SAMSUNG 21700 Li-ion 720Wh, 48V15A

battery Charger
36V / 48VBy customer's country
DC42V-2A(for 36V battery)54.6V-2A(for 48V battery)DC2.1
OverchargeOverdischargeShort circuitReverse connect
Full charging indication

Replacement charger price: 15 USD

Solid wooden bike box - which shows the seriousness of the manufacturer.
Orders are processed by veloideal and transmitted directly to the factory which carries out the shipment and customs clearance for the prices indicated, without additional costs.

HIGH version: 2727 USD = 2495 Euros - Delivery & customs clearance included

LIGHT version: 2547 USD = 2330 Euros -Delivery & customs clearance included

Order by phone: + 33 (0)5 65 65 77 60

SHENZHEN the city where the manufacturing plant of the ideal e-MTB bike CYCTRAK EM10 is located
one of the many sets of ecological terraces in the city: 32km north of Hong Kong

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